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GMP and Compliance
GMP Auditor Training for Quality Systems

In-house Training Courses
Tablet Process Development, Validation and the Application of QbD
Development and Manufacture of Effervescent Tablets
Introduction to Photostability
HPLC Analytical Method Development and Validation
Supply Chain Risk Management and Compliance for QPs and RPs
Molecules to Market
How to Audit API Manufacturers
In-house Training Courses
Supply Chain Management in Pharma/Biotech
Residual solvents: regulatory requirements, method development and validation
Gas chromatography: theory and practice for residual solvents testing
Chiral Analysis by Chromatography
Understanding Isomers, Stereochemistry and Chirality
Preformulation Studies for Tablet Development
Tablet Formulation Development
Development of Stability-Indicating HPLC Methods
Training Course Programme 2019
Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing - a 2 day course

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Support
Technology Transfer

Pharmaceutical Product Development
Stability Analysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Stability Testing in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture
Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development - an integrated approach
Pharmaceutical Packaging - an introductory course
Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing - a Hands-on course
Hands-on Tablet Development including the principles of pre-formulation, formulation and process dev
Powder Technology for Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing
Introduction to the Formulation & Stabilisation of Protein and Peptide Drugs
Latest Advances in the Stabilisation and Formulation of Protein and Peptide Drugs
Parenteral Products
Pharmaceutical Aerosols, Dry Powder Inhalation Systems and Nasal Delivery Devices
Pharmaceutical Granulation and Compression