Team building and decision-making

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Throughout the Pharma and Biotech sector, companies are faced with critical decisions on a regular basis. These often involve large investments and also major uncertainties. Management teams will have to make the best consensus decisions in these circumstances, but project teams may also play a major part in analysing issues and making recommendations to senior management.

This short course will increase the confidence of individuals and teams at any level in tackling complex and uncertain issues. It will equip you with a systematic, repeatable approach and a variety of powerful techniques to focus issues (especially clarifying decision responsibility in the company!), map stakeholder views and analyse complicated sets of data.

The course is always customised but a typical agenda will be:

  • Introduction – why systematic, rational decision-making is so important – major problems that can result from ad-hoc approaches
  • Clarifying issues – ensuring everyone understands the scope, responsibilities and desired outcomes of a decision issue
  • Building information – collecting information and views from stakeholders and experts
  • Analysing data and using various tools to understand comparison and expected value; understanding real benefits of options and risk associated with each
  • Presenting recommendations to decision bodies/influencing outcomes
  • Implementing and reviewing decisions
  • Major case study – a practical example given to the group, or work on a live company issue

John Faulkes

John is Director of Team Communications Development, and is an expert in organisation and team development, specialising particularly in cross-function working /matrix organisations. He has over 15 years experience working with the pharma/biotech sectors as well as in general manufacturing, sales and the public sector.

Ralph White

Ralph White

Ralph is a specialist in learning and development work for the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries. Ralph has over 25 years experience in the industry as a scientist, project manager and learning & development specialist.

The course is customised for senior teams, whole project teams or mixed groups of your staff. If required it can be combined with or added on to a portfolio or project review meeting and the course speakers will facilitate some real issues as part of the learning.

The course is offered as an in-house programme. Please contact us to discuss!


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