Molecules to Market

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This unique course is a great opportunity to get a broad understanding of the many functional disciplines that make up the Pharma/Biotech industry - what they do, what are the pressures on them and how they work together to create, develop, manufacture and market products. Participants engage in case studies, simulations, engaging discussions, as well as receiving expert input.

This is extremely useful to you if your company needs to engage people in cross-functional working or if you operate with strategic partners: people need to understand the perspective of other functions in order to collaborate effectively.

The course is interactive throughout. We have found that in 'seminar' or presentation format, such a huge amount of information is impossible to deliver, let alone digest. Therefore, the style of any workshop we facilitate is highly participative and features much time spent in small teams, on simulations and realistic case studies.

Course Options

The scope and coverage of the course is from 'concept right through to pharmacy shelf' - however, your company may be particularly interested in a sub-section of this, for example the early phases - 'vision through to proof of concept'. Or the later phases - 'Major trials through registration, manufacturing set up, marketing and supply'. This can be done on a modular basis.

The course can also feature content about strategic and specialist elements of your own company.

Who Should Attend?

It's ideal for scientific staff of all disciplines, commercial, and operational staff; those new to the industry or aspiring to a cross-functional role such as project management.

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