Pharmaceutical Packaging - an introductory course

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Tutor : Chris Penfold
26 June 2017
London £620 + Vat
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Pharmaceutical Packaging is a very specialised area with its own unique issues and problems. This one day course will provide delegates with a good basic grounding and appreciation of what is required for the packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Whether you know nothing, have a basic understanding or are familiar with the area, this course will provide you with the useful knowledge and insights from an expert who has worked in the industry for over 20 years.

What the course covers

  • Packaging component and material selection
  • Key properties of various packaging materials/systems
  • Pack testing and evaluation
  • Packaging component specifications
  • Printing processes and controls
  • Artwork generation and control
  • Regulatory requirements eg MA packaging requirements, Braille, 2D Data Matrix barcodes, Child resistance, Tamper Evidence, Readability and others
  • Transit packaging
  • Trade/Supply Chain requirements

Who Should Attend?

  • Account Managers
  • Artwork Producers
  • Auditors
  • Business Developers
  • Clinical Trial Suppliers
  • Logistics Personnel
  • Packaging Design/Labelling Personnel
  • Project Managers
  • Purchasers
  • Quality Assurance and Control Personnel
  • Regulatory Personnel
  • Suppliers to the industry
  • Technical Writers

Course Programme

  • Packaging component and material selection
  • Key product requirements
  • Consumer
  • Barrier
  • Shelf life
  • Regulatory * Child Resistance * Tamper Evidence * Dosing * Stability
  • Marketing expectations
  • Key properties of various packaging materials/systems
  • Main barriers and benefits of various packaging materials
  • Key drivers for the pack performance
  • Supply chain implications on the packs

Pack testing and evaluation

  • Mandatory requirements for: * Consumer testing * Transit testing

Artwork generation and control

  • Establishing processes suitable to your business needs: * Wording * Templates
  • Creation
  • Version control and authorisation

Regulatory requirement

Packaging data for the MA, Braille, Barcodes, Child Resistance, Tamper evidence, Readability and others including emerging requirements (eg 2D Data Matrix barcodes)

  • Key packaging data for the MA/Dossier * Specification and data * Supplier details
  • Key requirements for palletisation etc

Transit packaging

  • Considerations of risk
  • Establishing test programmes
  • Specific requirements for palletisation etc

Trade/Supply Chain requirements

  • Understanding the various markets and their particular requirements
  • Understanding trade requirements - eg Barcodes, Shelf Ready Trays etc

What people said about Pharmaceutical Packaging - an introductory course

"Lots of actual packaging to look at, really good"

"Good overview of packaging, fitting all aspects together"

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